"Ya bájale"

"Ya bájale"


Our social awareness campaign slogan, "Ya bájale" (Cut it out, Stop and Relax), has the objective of generating the understanding that road rage as a reaction to traffic problems in our city is not a solution.

The ideas

Road rage is responsible for a series of terrible events that occur on the streets. It is a worldwide problem and more frequent during rush hour and in traffic jams, where cars, buses, motorcycle drivers and pedestrians explode in a stress generated rage.
In México City traffic jams are a very common problem which generates violence and aggression, causing many accidents that could be avoided. This problem is directly related to street culture: how a community perceives and acts towards other people´s needs. It has to do, on one hand, with people’s civility and education within the community; and on the other hand, to the city’s urban structure, when streets are jammed and badly built, public transportation is insufficient and everyone travels a long distance to work, school, etcetera. México City has both, many mobility problems and poor behavior of drivers.
In México City road rage is particularly alarming, and happens daily, creating more traffic mobility problems and many accidents, putting many people in danger of injury and even death. Road rage is also linked to stress problems related to street flow. You never know the other driver´s intentions and how violent and aggressive their reactions can be. When a driver is enraged he loses control of every situation and, more likely than not, the situation will end in an accident.
The long hours that everyone has to spend commuting every day has made this problem a common factor of life in this city, but rage makes things even worst, sometimes even resulting in violent accidents which also create more traffic. These daily events go from threats to insults and fist fights, sometimes escalating to injury and even death. Road rage involves the aggressor, who reacts violently, and one or more victims who are at the receiving end of this violence. In México car accidents are the second cause of disability.
This is why it is very important for us to address this issue and to try to prevent or at least reduce these road rage accidents by trying to create driver awareness. It is a very serious problem that affects in one way or another every member of our city, and it is essential to eradicate this rage to reduce so many road accidents.

The initiatives

Our campaign begun with a storm of ideas along with research on social networks, in newspapers and through observing the streets, which pointed out that one of the biggest and most dangerous problems of mobility in México City is road rage. We choose to reach young drivers through Facebook with a campaign that talks to them in their own language. In our campaign we have included posters, infographics, and anecdotes.