#YoSoy Vialidad GDL

#YoSoy Vialidad GDL

Colegio La Paz

This campaign is meant to improve the safety and health of our surroundings by raising the awareness of pedestrians, drivers and cyclists. The campaign had 3 prongs: personal actions, school actions, and community actions (city).

The ideas

The students started by doing research through local newspapers, NGO’s, and the transit police department. They also went out on the street for empirical research as pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

The students found out that Guadalajara is the city with the most motor vehicles per capita in Mexico (2.2 people per vehicle). This situation generates traffic and traffic jams daily, affecting people’s fiscal and emotional health. They reflected that the key issue of the city’s mobility is safety and that each one of the actors was responsible for creating the type of mobility they wanted to see.

Students thought of promoting the use of bicycles as an alternative, taking in account that recently cycle routes were added to the city to promote their use. But the real challenge was that pedestrians, drivers and cyclists found it difficult and dangerous to coexist with one another by not respecting the road safety rules.

To incentivize the citizens to follow road safety rules, the students decided to inform them about the purpose and benefits of following the rules. The idea was to create an awareness campaign on road safety rules, responsible behaviors, and promoting the bike as an alternative form of mobility. It is important to learn that having a safe environment is based on small daily actions, such as being patient while driving, following and respecting the signs, using alternative forms of transportation, among others, in order to create a safer environment in the city for everyone.

Nowadays, technology is part of our daily lives. Therefore, the student’s idea was using the internet and social networks as tools that would connect with as many people as possible using these networks.

The initiatives

In order to understand more about road safety and mobility in Guadalajara, the students started by investigating and reflecting on what they knew about it and how they applied it.
For raising awareness in themselves and their families, they began by personally doing an action. Each student committed to following a road safety rule which they had not known about or had not followed before.

Students created a social campaign; they started with the logo and slogan ‘Tú eres el cambio’ (You are the change) and created the hashtag #YoSoyVialidadGDL (I am the road). Having these three important elements, they created the Facebook page #YoSoyVialidadGDL, accounts in Instragram (yosoyvialidadgdl), Twitter (@SoyVialidadGDL), and our Youtube channel (Vialidad CLP).

After getting the social networks ready, they started posting the videos they created. The first one raises awareness about what citizens like and dislike and how they perceive their city’s mobility; the objective was to invite citizens to start changing their own actions by respecting the rules. In the second video, we invite citizens to use their bikes; students gave out road safety tips for cyclists to follow before and during their bike ride. And the last one is a dramatization about how important it is to not use the phone while driving and also while crossing the street. Everyday the students updated the networks, uploading new information and tips to having a better road environment and responsible behavior.
A request has been forwarded to the traffic police department and the local neighborhood association “Colonos Providencia Sur A.C.” to install a pedestrian crossing and traffic signs outside the school for more safety, and has received a positive response. Students volunteered to paint it and raise funds with parents and local actors. For raising awareness in their community and with their school peers.

Students connected with local NGO’s to help them spread the message and promote the social networks.

Workshops were given for students and parents (100 people) in school about responsible behavior, benefits of using a bicycle, how to make a safer and healthier environment, and encouraging them to practice the slogan “Tu eres el cambio” in their daily actions.

Students were please to have parents and students volunteering to help in the campaign by sharing ideas and our Facebook page and other networks. Feedback also was very positive, people agreeing to healthier surroundings and sharing their ideas and their actions to make it happen.

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