School stories

This section acts as a central catalogue of group school projects on road safety and sustainable mobility. Discover the incredible initiatives already launched by secondary school pupils from all over the world as part of the international competition Your Ideas, Your Initiatives, and draw inspiration from them to dream up your own project. You can search for them by country and date, and also check out those selected by the panel as finalists and winners.

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Ride your bike

Our campaign consists of promoting the use of a bicycle in our neighborhood. As we live in a private, gated neighborhood, going to school in a bike is extremely safe. Also the school roads get lots of car traffic so promoting bike use would help fix this problem. Furthermore, we believe that riding a bike has benefits for both the environment, physical health and even mental health. In order to promote these ideas we took action with various different activities around the school. 

Northlands Nordelta

DARS - Draft Awareness Road Safety

We belong to the generation that wants to decrease mortality statistics for traffic accidents. Having observed the existence of kerchief as a symbol of belonging to an ideological group are putting style, we consider that we could identify those people who share our idea about the road safety. From having identified the problem we decided to create the fluo kerchief, that color was chosen for being the reglementary vest that must be had for all the drivers.

Technical School nº 37 - School District 11- "Hogar Naval Stella Maris"

Make a difference, pay attention

In our country, Argentina, almost 20 people die on average per day because of traffic accidents. After finding out this alarming truth, we started this project, so people would become aware of the reality.

Escuela Técnica N°9 DE 7 Ing. Luis A. Huergo

Safe children on the streets

We have organized a game for the ages of 8 and 9 years to inform them about the traffic signals, the benefits of using the bicycle and the use of protective equipment to cycle safely in the streets

Colegio San Patricio de Luján

Life should be a party... for everyone

To raise awareness about the risks of driving under the effects of alcohol consumption and the lives lost due to this risk behavior we created a poster, brochures and an educational video to reach young people and adults.


Television program and publicity. “We all win”

A television program based on games and publicity in which correct road safety and sustainable mobility behaviour is learnt

Escuela Técnica N°28 Republica Francesa

The Science Olympics Club takes action

We, the Science Olympics Club, decided to investigate and try to solve three main issues: bicycle lines' misuse, acequias (a kind of ditch our province has to distribute water) getting clogged and flooding our streets, and animal-vehicle collisions.


Risky behaviors in our school community

During two months we worked on the topic of risky behaviors, investigating and doing activities to make people aware of them. We created games, movies, posters, videos and songs to reach the community and find possible solutions to this problem.

Instituto Ballester

Promoting responsible behaviors on the road

In this project we analyzed the most usual traffic problems in terms of compliance with the rules and we created a video to share our message and promote road responsible behaviors.

Colegio San Patricio de Luján

“A community working for the community”

“A community working for the community” is a project that aims to implement an awareness campaign in our school, neighborhood and city community regarding road safety and sustainable mobility.


Be responsible with technological devices

The use of electronic devices is the 4th cause of accidents. We wanted to induce a change for road safety and we made a video to show the importance of moderating the use of new technologies and using only electronic devices than can help driving.


Sum of initiatives

Our project consists of many small initiatives which we have created to generate an improvement to road safety in our community.


Consensus building for mutual respect and value for life

Our project seeks to raise awareness by thinking about road education and delving into the depths of caring for others and for oneself based on mutual respect and a value for life. Consensus building has been the strategy we have chosen.


Motorcycles and Road Safety

We are from San Patrick's School (Yerba Buena, Tucuman) and our project is based on a very common local problem, motorcycles accidents. We collected information and created a poster to make people realize the situation we are living in.


The problems with our school's street flow

Our project looks to answer the question of how to improve our school’s street flow because at entrance/exit times, for around 5-15 minutes, the traffic moves very slowly. We wanted to find out why this happen and what can we do.


The best example is Driving safety

It is impossible to educate and generate respectful behavior without providing a good example. This reality is brought to our attention every morning in our community as students head to school. As a result, we work on this campaign.


Pedestrians awareness

Students carried out an awareness campaign on pedestrian road safety by doing face to face interviews and reporting real statistics on the issue.



The Callejeros project seeks to engage students in actions to improve road behavior, prioritizing and assessing our own perspective of the problem. A display of images was created and made available on the web to generate interaction.


1car 0 alcohol

In this project we aimed to discover what the main causes of traffic accidents in our community were. We created a survey and according to the people we interviewed, alcohol was the first cause. We did our work focusing on this.


"Tu Bici, Mi Bici" - Your Bike, Mi Bike

Our project identified key road safety facts in our city, with the final goal of improving an automated public bike rental system by creating indicators, maps and recommendations to achieve more efficient communication between cyclists and drivers.

Escuela Goethe Rosario