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This section acts as a central catalogue of group school projects on road safety and sustainable mobility. Discover the incredible initiatives already launched by secondary school pupils from all over the world as part of the international competition Your Ideas, Your Initiatives, and draw inspiration from them to dream up your own project. You can search for them by country and date, and also check out those selected by the panel as finalists and winners.

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The Conditions and New Ideas for Keeping Safe on the Roads

Everybody understands the importance of studying and using traffic rules to be safe on the roads. However, millions of people all over the world have car accidents and get injured. The number of such cases increases from year to year. We could not keep aside of this problem and decided to find the ways of making our traffic conditions better and save more lives on the roads.

SAAS "Marina"

Traffic and Housing in Mumbai

We decided to work on the topic The Future of Cities. In this area, we decided to work on with the title "Road Safety and the Housing Problems in Mumbai". We realized that the current housing systems in Mumbai are one of the root causes of the traffic problems in Mumbai. We did a study on the problems that are faced by the residents of Mumbai. 

Edubridge International School, Mumbai

Traffic Education: this is learned from an early age

It is possible to perceive the problem regarding accessibility and road safety by ourselves. Adult community does not put into practice the knowledge already acquired in relation to traffic. Considering that children have greater ease of learning we thought it was appropriate to introduce this theme in the classroom, through playing activities that encourage children to be responsible road users.


Roads are Countless, Safety is Foremost - Shangde RS Pioneers

We are the Shangde Road Safety pioneers. This year we mainly focus on two aspects -- Traffic Congestion around Campus and Misuse of Cellphones on Roads.

Shanghai Shangde Experimental School

Using alcohol and psychoactive substances

Based on the previous observation of traffic participants in our city Krusevac, we can conclude that a big percentage of participants in traffic behave improperly as drivers. Observing students ( 17-19 years) in our school and outside as well, we noticed that a lot of them use alcohol and other psychoactive substances. We wanted to address a problem in our city because, based on the last years analysis of casual accidents, it has been established that the use of alcohol while driving was the second most important cause of accidents.

Prva tehnička škola Kruševac

A click to save lives. Road intelligence, a commitment of all

We have developed a mobile application to inform and raise awareness about traffic regulations and responsible behavior on the roads. This way, our intention is to help reducing the high rate of accidents that currently occurs in the highway Medellin-Bogotá, near to our school.


I.E R Hojas Anchas

Monitoring and Proposing Solutions of the Crossroads of Ivana Česmički, Pavelinska and Ivanjska Street in Koprivnica

It is noticed that traffic safety factors at crossroads of Ivana Česmički, Pavelinska and Ivanjska Street in Koprivnica 

Strukovna škola Đurđevac


The focus of our project was improving the road safety of the children with special need of the AMCIP institution.  We identified problems regarding the school signalization that put these children in risk. We have created a proposal to improve the signalization to be sent to the City Municipal Hall, we created playful activities to educate these children on safe traffic dynamics and we made a awareness action in the street where this institution is located distributing 1500 leaflets. Also, we organized a lecture in our school regarding accidents prevention.

Sesi Cic


These young teenagers are the torch bearers of safety on the road. They are young agents of change who realize that rights have implied responsibilities with them especially when it comes to the most precious gift of ‘Life’, respecting your own as well as of others. The pedestrians on road are most prone to accidents and especially small children who run mindlessly on roads leaving wailing parents behind .Our project ‘Sentinels of Road Safety’ aims at educating these young children about correct behavior when they are on roads through role play, road walk, educational advertisements and videos , educational road safety games, worksheets, making posters etc.

Alert today alive tomorrow

We wanted to make people aware that we should all be following the traffic rules. To express our concerns about people not following the rules, we conducted a survey, asking many teachers if they follow rules, followed by two models and one rap song. We intend to and are determined to make more and more people aware of what can happen if you don’t follow the traffic rules.


Edubridge International School

SEMOC One, two, three, mobility without stress!

SEMOC One, two, three, mobility without stress! This is what is promoted in the booklet (educational guide) that we have created thanks to our experiences after 4 years of work, to provide global strategies to the almost 180 public and private schools in Bucaramanga.

Instituto Caldas

Ride your bike

Our campaign consists of promoting the use of bicycle in our neighborhood. As we live in a private, gated neighborhood, going to school on a bike is extremely safe. Also the school roads get a lot of car traffic so promoting bike use would help fix this problem. Furthermore, we believe that riding a bike has benefits for the environment, and both physical and mental health. In order to promote these ideas we took action with various different activities around the school. 

Northlands Nordelta


Since the project was presented to us, we started thinking about risky situations in traffic, and with data analysis (such as the local news and an online form given to local community) we realized that mobile phone usage was among the top ten causes of traffic accidents in our city. With that in mind, we had the idea of using “ride app drivers” for our project, considering that they use their phones while driving, and, therefore, are more likely to have risky situations or accidents.

Colégio SESI Maringá

Safety of Students in Vans is a Cause of Social Concern

Safety of school children in vans has emerged as a cause of social concern. All stakeholders parents, students, van drivers and school authorities have become vigilant towards the safety of students travelling by vans. It has also raised the level of awareness of the students, ensuring their safety. 

SRDAV Public School

Awareness about risk behaviors in traffic

Awareness campaign for improvement of road safety in defense of Life. This work intends to reach a large number of people, promoting road safety awareness and respect in traffic.


Safe Cycle Routes : possibility of mobility for the city of Campo Largo

After analysing the streets of the city of Campo Largo, we took notice of the lack of cycle paths, which hinders the mobility of cyclists in everyday situations such as going to work, school, leisure, among others. From the observation carried out internally at the Sesi Campo Largo school it was possible to detect the low rate of students who use the bicycle as a means of transportation together with other residents, and we used this information with the intention of optimizing the urban space by means of cycle paths that help in the traffic and safety of the population.


Colégio Sesi Campo Largo.

A daily and sad reality

Students of Les PALMIERS SCHOOL have decided to participate in this competition with the aim to convey a message and share their artistic potential. Every year between 30 and 45 percent of roads accidents are caused by crazy-high speed mainly among teenagers who are negatively influenced by movies and video games.

Institut Scolaire Palmiers


This project aims to warn of the risks of using mobile phones by drivers and pedestrians. 

IES Saulo Torón

The car without phone

Unknowingly, we have formed this terrible habit. The first thing we do in the morning is to take our mobile phone, and the last thing to do before going to bed at night is to play with it. And people are using their mobiles phones while driving, as if it was normal, putting at risk their own life and others' lives. We, the "Service Secret Team" chose this risky behavior as the focus of our campaign. 

Huanggang Polytechnic College


This project aims  to raise awareness  and to promote action among traffic participants, especially among pupils from our school. Through our activities we intended to teach them safety rules in order to avoid danger on the road to school.

National College "Mihai Eminescu"