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This section acts as a central catalogue of group school projects on road safety and sustainable mobility. Discover the incredible initiatives already launched by secondary school pupils from all over the world as part of the international competition Your Ideas, Your Initiatives, and draw inspiration from them to dream up your own project. You can search for them by country and date, and also check out those selected by the panel as finalists and winners.

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Safe Traffic

Through the observations carried out in the city of Ortigueira-PR, we noted some problems in terms of safety on the road. Therefore, we, the students of the School (Sesi) decided to use the digital mediums to raise awareness on the importance of a more safe traffic.  

Colégio Sesi Ortigueira

Your Whole life in a few minutes

“Your Whole Life in a few Minutes” is the name of our campaign, it symbolizes the high risk of death or injuries that can be caused by a few minutes of distraction with the cell phone while driving.

Colégio SESI Maringá

Monitoring and Proposing Solutions for the main thoroughfare through Virje

Our project aims the reconstruction of the main thoroughfare to provide better and easier traffic flow, and to improve visibility in bends and streets in order to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians in traffic. We believe that the main thoroughfare would be improved with roundabouts and some changes in the road infrastructure itself as well as with new traffic signs.

Strukovna škola Đurđevac

Be safe on your way to school!

       There have been several accidents in the school area, close to the pedestrian crossing. Our project aims to draw attention on the importance of knowing the traffic rules and to make the road to school much safer for students .

Teleki Domokos Secondary School Gornești

Road safety for disabled people

In spite of the government and schools' emphasis on road safety education, our own experience and our research showed us that people don’t have enough knowledge and neglect the road safety rules. However the focus of our project is people with disabilities, a vulnerable group in terms of road safety.

OECIS, Baoan,Shenzhen, Guangdong, China


Our campaign aims at making people aware of the advantages of using public transportation instead of so much driving around the city. It consists of factual and artistic activities that are meant to act as wake up calls to people living in Bucharest!

GRIVIȚA Technical College

Turistando App

To promote a sustainable tourism, we created the App “TuristAndo” for people who are interested in using bikes and making routes in a sustainable way. Our App is free and easy to use and provides diverse information to users. Therefore, it encourages the use of bicycles, reduces the environmental footprint, improves the quality of life, health and welfare of residents and tourists who choose the bicycle as a means of mobility in the city of Bogota.

Colegio Margarita Bosco

Safety is in your hands- Instapick

Would you like to have a cost-effective, eco-friendly way of transportation that also helps you with your health?  Guess what! The best option is the bicycle. Now consider this: When you are on the road, you want to feel safe and get to your destination on time. However, there are some problems that we have to face when we are on the road. Our App, Instapik aims to promote cyclists road safety

Centro de Educacion Media Margarita Bosco

We only have one life, don't waste it

In the city where we reside we have identified different problems. However, there is one that stands out above the others. We have noticed the number of people who cross with the traffic lights in red and even go through the middle of the street. Our goal is to make people be conscious of a big social issue: run over.

Institut Jaume Vicens Vives

NO RUDE BUT RULES——The prevention of Road Rage

Every person has emotions, which provide us fullness of characteristics. However, big emotional fluctuations make us radical and cause ROAD RAGE, which is one of the main and common causes of traffic accidents. To remit this situation in our city, we took a series of actions to tell others: No rude but rules!

Shenzhen Senior High School

Road Safety Quest

Our school is situated in the city centre with heavy traffic. Pupils are akin to and from school by their parents when they study at primary school. Of course, each school has lessons on road safety. But do children always follow the rules? Unfortunately, not. Especially when grown-ups don't look after them. Sometimes pupils and children break the rules because they don't take them seriously and think that a road is a big playground. Recently there was an accident and a pupil of our school was a culprit.

English Language International Perm School

APP - Cuida Tu Vida Al Instante (CTVAI)

One of the problems that most affects society today road safety. Road actors don’t comply with the rules stipulated and in just a moment, by committing any infraction they can be exposed and expose others to a great tragedy.

Colegio Margarita Bosco

Only with a click - Stop App

Take Care! A single second can take you your life! The use of cell phones on the road is dangerous and people use them. This project focuses on this problems and we created an APP – STOP, to limit the use of these devices by road users.

Centro de Educaciòn Media Margarita Bosco

Drink less Think more

Drink Less Think more is the name of the project conducted by our school team with the aim to decrease the number of car accidents of young drivers by raising awareness about the problem of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Technical School Bjelovar

"An irresponsible drink with a fatal consequence"

More than 35% of car accidents are caused under the influence of alcohol while driving.  Our team wanted to take this opportunity to make a statement and prevent further accidents. To raise awareness, we created a video, a song and we made a proposal to our town hall. We want people to understand that what we learn in driving school isn’t just to pass the exam but an important rule to be alive.

Ágora Sant Cugat International School

Ride safely

 From our observations during the arrival and departure periods of students at the school, we noticed that many of them who came by bicycle were without safety equipment. This scenario was the motivator for us to develop virtual awareness material so that they start to practice safe attitudes in traffic.

College SESI Pinhais

Responsibility in road traffic

Our project objective was generating awareness of road safety in drivers and pedestrians.


Instituto Ballester Deutsche Schule


We drive in traffic filled roads every day, and every day, we encounter many problems. In the region we live in, one of these many problems we face derive from roundabouts. In our project we want examine the common mistakes and make people aware of the correct use of roundabouts.

Adapazarı ENKA Schools

Drive, don't fly!

The rates of losing young lives, aged from 15 to 24, in road accidents due to violent driving are extremely high. We are the students of Electro-Traffic Secondary school, so we feel obliged to inform and warn our peers on dangers awaiting them behind the corner. We all love fast cars and fast driving but always think and be cautious. Be responsible for your own and others' lives. Drive, but do not fly.

ESTŠ "Nikola Tesla"

Urban Mobility for People with disabilities

This project aims to discuss problems related to urban accessibility for people with disabilities and we used social networks to raise awareness on this problem and as platform to discuss and exchange solutions that can make the city more inclusive.

Colégio Sesi Alto da Glória