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Anne Guillaume speaks about Road Safety and Renault

Anne Guillaume, Road Safety and Health Expert Leader, responds to our questions.

You ran the LAB[i] for 10 years. How has this changed your view on how to raise awareness about road safety?


A new year, a new edition of YOUR Ideas YOUR Initiatives challenge!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the 2019 YOUR Ideas YOUR Initiatives challenge.

This international school competition, focused on road safety and mobility, is a great opportunity for high school students to use their skills to create a positive impact in their environment in order to promote safety and mobility for all.


Road Safety for Safe Mobility: a commitment by SRDAVIANS, India

Road safety is a matter of great concern for all road users (pedestrians, commuters, drivers and traffic police). It is imperative that all stakeholders in society come together to create awareness for safety norms and shape an attitude of respect for these standards.


The lessons learnt by Huanggang Polytechnic College’s students

The students at Huanggang Polytechnic College did a fantastic work for this year Your Ideas Your Initiatives challenge. They split into two groups to tackle two different issues, and both teams finished in the top 8!


Isabel Berrio Granada, French teacher in the Montessori College of Medellin, Colombia

Isabel Berrio Granada, French teacher in the Montessori College of Medellin, in Colombia, speaks about road safety education in the school.


Discover the 2018 initiatives!

The 2018 edition of Your Ideas Your Initiatives is about to end. 56 projects were presented by schools from 13 countries as different as Brazil, China, Lebanon etc.


This is also education!

As part of the CHALLENGE Extraction 2018, organized in partnership with the Yvelines’ department of Fire and Rescue services, at the National Velodrome in St Quentin, numerous stands on road safety were available for the visitors. They had, for example, the opportunity to check whether they were correctly fastening their seatbelts or were using the child seats effectively in their car.


Jean-Pascal Assailly speaks about youth and road safety

Jean-Pascal Assailly is a psychologist and researcher at IFSTTAR, a specialist in young people’s risky behaviour. He has contributed to the creation of the Your Ideas Your Initiatives’ educational material. Here he answers our questions about youth and road safety:

The over-risk of young people is observed in all industrialized motorized countries. What is intrinsically linked to this period of life and transcends cultural differences?